Jennifer and her beloved dog Penny on Silver Star Mt

Jennifer and her beloved dog Penny on Silver Star Mt


Artist Statement

As an artist, my passion for photography involves the character of both person and place. Professionally I started photographing for commercial assignments in Chicago in the early 1990’s and moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998, continuing my photographic practice.

My personal work has a focus on storytelling. Whether through portraits or the landscape, capturing the essence of a person and the place in which they inhabit, is something that draws me in. Focusing on light and energy, my storytelling through imagery is at the core of who I am as an artist.

In the early 2000’s I documented the transformation of an empty grade school into a Zen Buddhist temple. And in 2005, I joined the temple on a pilgrimage, documenting the temple’s head priest and lay practitioners pay homage to the thousands of Japanese who lost their lives during World War II when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Telling stories through imagery continued as my practice turned more inward, photographing the Pier Park Series in 2007. Documenting the large park in North Portland with a large format camera, my focus was on the quality of light and the old out-buildings which encompassed the park. I sat for many hours exposing the landscape and the structures within.

In 2015 I took a spiritual pilgrimage, walking over 500 miles across Spain. The body of work, El Camino de Santiago is what developed from this pilgrimage, both a spiritual experience and one of solitude. Starting at the border of France I followed the ancient path the early pilgrims walked to Santiago and beyond, ending at the Atlantic Ocean. This was a practice in being present in the everyday. I documented my daily steps from early morning to dusk 

As a teacher my drive is to inspire and empower those who want to learn and grow to new potentials. Working with youth and young adults is a passion. Drawing on personal experiences, I strive to help others draw strength through their own life experiences and capturing this through the photographic lens.

My goal as an artist is to bring forth emotions from the stories I tell with images and as a teacher to encourage others on their path.